Six Ways To Separate Your Service-Based Business For The Holidays Part 2

Building your service-based business so that it continues to compete is part hard work part ingenuity.  One without the other will ultimately lead to failure.  In our previous blog, we covered three ideas that could help separate your business from the pack.  STRADA Capital is glad to present three more to close out this month’s two-part blog series.

New Products/Service Launch

It is always exciting to offer a new product or service.  However, with a bit of marketing showmanship, you can excite your customers and ignite your sales.  Take a page from larger businesses that “leak” information about new products to generate interest.  As a service-related business, you may not have a sexy product/service to offer to your customers.  But building up excitement for it can be accomplished by not showing all your cards immediately.

Try waiting until a holiday or a significant day for your business to launch your new offering.  People look forward to holidays.  You may be able to ride the fever of a holiday to improve sales.  If you need to test your product/service offer it secretly to preferred customers or to a good cause and document how it worked.  The images and feedback you get could be perfect for your launch!

Partner With A Related Service-Based Business

Identify what other businesses your customers use that are related to the service you provide and forge alliances.  For instance, a veterinarian may want to link with a mobile dog groomer to offer a joint discount.  Be as creative as possible.  Another example would be the same veterinarian to connect with pet-friendly wineries and provide a fun, informational event about what their pets do at the vet.  The cliché of thinking outside of the box is key.

Give Real Value To Your Customers

Gimmicks come and go, but businesses that provide consistently excellent service and reliability build loyal customers.  Can your service go the extra mile during the holidays by:

  • Providing extended hours
  • Being open on certain holidays
  • Offering emergency service after-hours

Think about what your customers need and try to find a way to deliver in ways that your competitors do not.

Enjoy the holidays, and we hope your business wishes come true.  If you need financial assistance for your business during this holiday season, we are happy to help.

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