Six Ways To Separate Your Service-Based Business For The Holidays Part 1

Competition during the holidays is stiff!  Customers are looking for deals, and they are flooding online markets to scour as many of them that they can find.  As a service-based business are you surviving during the holiday rush or are you thriving?  A thriving business uses these sales seasons as opportunities to grow in the future, not to balance out slower sale cycles.  If you are ready to separate yourself from your competition, STRADA Capital has a few ideas that might prove very helpful.

Offer Sales To The Right Customers

Discounts are great—if you have a long-term plan for them.  Offering a sale just to get people calling or coming into your store is short-sighted.  As soon as your holiday sale is done, your business will dry up.  Up your long game by targeting the right customers—the ones that do not mind paying full price for your services.  If you do not know how to target prime customers, hire a marketing agency that can.

Offer A Digital Product

Every service-based business has timely information that can help the customers it serves.  As a plumber do you know some tips to improve the longevity of an HVAC system?  If you are a tax professional, can you share a few tips on how to legally shave taxable income?  Create a digital e-book, online workshop, or feature an insiders podcast.  These can be innovative ways to attract new customers, build customer loyalty, and educate clients about products/services while proving why they should do business with you.  Just be sure that when you offer a digital product, you make it stand out from the crowd.  (For instance, if you create a downable PDF try using links, buttons, form fields, audio or video within it.)

Host A Fun Event

It is the holidays right now, so your customers may already have plans and booked events to attend.  However, New Year’s is right around the corner and the weeks leading into January and February are typically free.  If possible, use the available time to host a fun event that accomplishes any or all of the following:

  • Market the strengths of your product/service
  • Reward customer loyalty
  • Educates and entertains your customer base

If you do plan to use an open slot after New Year’s, be aware that many people begin a new calendar with renewed vigor and an open mind.  It may be just the right opportunity to launch a new promotion, product, service, or customer appreciation event.

Of course, enacting great ideas sometimes costs money.  If you happen to generate an idea for your service-based business that needs a financial boost to become a reality, give us a call.


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