Protecting Your Business From Cyber Attacks

If large conglomerates like Home Depot, JP Morgan Chase, and Target have been victims of malicious cyber attacks, so can your business.  Hacking is among the most significant threats to business vitality.  Large corporations have implemented protocols and contingency plans to protect against digital breeches and to help mitigate losses.

Have you done the same for your business?

Many mid to small size businesses are just a susceptible to hackers as larger businesses.  Although hackers prefer to go for the big fish, smaller businesses often prove to be a training ground for hackers.  STRADA Capital helps businesses interested in improving their cyber protection by financing the tools they need.

Precautions to Take

Standard actions like complex passwords, anti-virus software updates, and acquiring the latest pc security patches continue to be helpful in deterring threats.  However, there are some low-end strategies that can increase your security.

  • Use one dedicated computer for online business financial access (paying bills, checking financial accounts, etc.). This computer should never be utilized for social media, email, and general web browsing.
  • Hardwire your dedicated financial computer by cable and restrict wireless access. Doing so can help to avert WiFi spying.

If your business relies heavily on internet access or you store large amounts of data via the cloud, it is best to get your IT department the modern tools they need to protect vital business data.  Smaller businesses can outsource their digital security to independent firms.  Whichever method you choose, you should never ignore the threat of hacking.  An ill-timed hack could cause you to lose business or empty your accounts.

Strada Capital specializes in helping businesses of all types to acquire the finances needed to push their business to the next level.  Whether it is equipment leasing, construction equipment leasing or truck leasing, Strada Capital is there. Never worry about how to secure equipment financing, business finance, or working capital.  The success of your business is just an email or phone call away.

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