Need Capital? Look Beyond Venture Capital

When you are a small business, one of the largest and continually manifesting challenges is acquiring capital.  Every year thousands upon thousands of entrepreneurs seek capital from venture capital sources.

Here is the reality check: Most small business and up and coming entrepreneurs are not in position to acquire the attention of venture capitalists.

The Venture Capital Pitfall

Small business owners often find it difficult to obtain traditional bank loans, which is why venture capital seems like a better option.  Nevertheless, what many small business owners do not recognize is the target of the venture capitalist.  In the realm of venture capital, the aim is to invest in businesses that have a high potential for exponential growth.  The idea, the market, and the foundation of the business needs to be intact and operating at a high level to really capture the eye of a venture capital funding source.

Yet, this doesn’t mean that small business owners cannot do so in time.  However, it does mean that they’ll need to find capital from other sources in the meantime.  The good news is that there are other viable options to venture capitalists.

Alternative lending

At STRADA Capital, we understand the plight of the small to medium business owner.  Often acquiring working capital, equipment financing, or business loan can be a job in itself.  We make that process much easier.  Our team has a wide range of financial options available to businesses of all types.  Furthermore, we can design a friendly payment schedules while providing lightning fast disbursements.

Are you tired of getting turned down from other financial lenders?  Why not fill out our quick application online or call us at (877) 478-7232.  STRADA Capital is one of the most trusted alternative lenders in the industry and we continue to help small businesses to thrive.



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