All Equipment Vendors Need the Right Financial Partner

A good equipment vendor is able to get everything that their customer needs, including financing. That’s just part of being smart about doing business today, when vendors are even more responsive to how they can best serve clients but also practice classic sales techniques.

What should you consider when partnering with a finance company?

Industry Specialization

It is important to select a finance company that recognizes that all industries and businesses come in different shapes and sizes. The company you choose should have a number of programs that are tailored to your specific needs.

Fast Processing

Your customers don’t want to wait for a credit decision after they submit their finance applications. The finance company you work with must provide quick decisions and streamlined paperwork.  This will ensure your customers happiness. You can then finalize the sale with confidence, knowing you’ll receive the funds quickly.


Establishing long-term partnerships are valuable. Over time, the financial partner you work with will begin to learn more details about you and your customers, while you also start to feel comfortable around them.  A new lender may simply not have the history.

If your customer is concerned about tying up working capital, credit lines or spending valuable cash, we can help. You can make the deal and we will take it from there. Interested in partnering with STRADA? Call (877) 478-7232 to speak to a representative today.

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